Withdrawal Force Tester

IEC 60884-1 2013 clause 22, VDE 0620 and so on

This device is used for verification of the maximum withdraw force and minimum withdraw force to pull out a plug or plug pin from a socket in the standard range. The structure of electrical accessories should be easy to insert and pull out under normal conditions.

Test Sample
Household or similar purpose sockets

In according with standard requirements

A: Mounting plate, B: Specimen, C: Test plug, D: Clamp, E: Carrier, F: Principal weight, G: Supplementary weight

Note 1: The mass should be equally positioned around the centreline(s) of the pin.
Note 2: Dimensions according to the relevant standard sheet.

1. Test plug: made of hardened steel, provide 3 test plugs and 2 test pins
2. Weights: one set. Superposition can be achieved 100N, the force applied by added weight of 1/10 test force
3. Operation: manual
4. With a safety rope to prevent the drop ping of the test plug

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