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Electric Wire and Cable Test Chamber

UL1581 reference standard for electrical wires, cables, and flexible cords.

The cable burning test chamber is designed for 1060 vertical combustion and FT1 testing, 1061 cable combustion testing, 1080VW-1(vertical specimen) combustion testing, 1090 electric wire horizontal specimen combustion testing and 1100 horizontal specimen/ FT2 combustion specimen. The testing purpose is to evaluate the flame spreading capacity of electric wire or soft-lines when they are on fire.

Test Sample
Rubber insulated cables, thermoplastic insulating material for wires and cables, cords and service cables.

1. Using integral intake automatic ignition system, combustion time delay only 0.1s to ensure that the full combustion of the gas.
2. Using PLC intelligent control system, touch screen operation interface, and with remote control wireless sensor remote operation, so that to make the record is more accurate.
3. The blast burner is in accordance with ANSI/ASTM D 5025 standard manufacturing Bunsen, precise and durable
4. The imported Omega armoured K type thermocouple and U type differential pressure gauge
5. Black background, multifunctional flame gauges, so that to make the flame adjustment work becomes simple, stainless steel box, large observation window easy operation.

Parameters (mm)

Working voltage 220V/50Hz
Control operation mode PLC control, 7-inch color touch screen operation, with infrared remote control
Blast burner standard ANSI/ASTM D 5025, diameter:9.5mm ± 0.5mm, length:100mm, made of brass
Gas flow Vertical test: 965±30ml/min or 117±3 mm; horizontal test:440±10mL/min or 58±1mm, Flow meter adjustment
Gas pressure 0.1MPa
U type pressure gauge back pressure water column height Vertical test:125±10 mm; horizontal test:45±5mm
Combustion time / residual glow time 9999X0.1S
Combustion angle 0°, 20°, 45°, Adjustable
Test flame calibration Temperature measuring copper head:Ф9mm±0.01mm, weight before drilling:10 ± 0 .05g
Thermocouple: The American original Omega φ0.5 armour nickel-chromium/nickel aluminum wire K-Thermocouple, temperature resistance 1100°
Distance between the bunsen burner port to temperature measuring copper block: Vertical test:55±1 mm; horizontal test:25mm
Flame height: Vertical test:Inner flame:40±2mm, Outer flame:125mm; horizontal test: Inner flame:16.5±1.5mm, Outer flame:50±4mm
Temperature rise time from 100±5°C to 700°±3°C:Vertical test:54±2S; horizontal test:84±2s
Gas category Purity>98% methane
Dimension and weight WDH=1850×1300×22500㎜, about:400kg
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