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Automatic Cord Reels Endurance Testing Machine

Clause 22.16 of IEC 60335-1 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 1: General requirements.

It is used to inspect automatic cord reels and make sure that they are free from
- Undue abrasion or damage to the sheath of the flexible cord
- Breakage of conductor strands
- Undue wear of contacts

Test Sample
Automatic cord reels of household appliances and similar electrical appliances.

The device adopts a multi-functional fixture, large work surface, can test cord reels up to 300cm, test speed (5-30 times / min) is adjustable, and it is suitable for most electrical products.


Input Power 220V/50HZ
Gas Source Compressed air 5 ~ 7kg / cm2
Test Speed 30 cycles / min (or at the maximum rate allowed by the construction of the cord reel if this is less)
Test Cycles 0~9999 times, the test device will stop working automatically when the preset test cycles are finished
Drive Mode Pneumatic
Withdrawable Angle 30~70°, can be preset
Fixture Quick clamping fixtures, easy for clamping the test sample
Withdrawable Stroke Maximum 1000mm, can be adjusted
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