Toaster Switch Endurance Tester

IEC60335-2-9 clause 19.101 of Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety: Part 2-9: Particular requirements for gills, toasters and similar portable cooking appliances.

The device is used to check the power-on and off endurance of toasters and that they are operated at the rated power supply and under normal operation.

Test Sample

The toaster was forced to be cooled to room temperature after each operation, and forced cooling action is performed once every 6 bakes. This is repeated 500 times.


Model J0631
Input Power 220V/ 50Hz
Test Cycles 1~999999
Cooling Fan Power 100W
Temperature Measuring Device infrared thermometer (optional)
Drive Mode Motor-driven
Equipped with vertical and horizontal keys, with spring to do the buffer to protect the sample keys
With the device which can detect the test sample's current automatically; current detection upper and lower limits is adjustable, and with a light for status indication;
The baking and cooling actions can automatically repeat starting according preset parameters; with count and temperature discrimination functions; the baking cycles, test cycles, the interval time (0 ~ 99min) can be preset.
Dimensions and weight: L500mm × W620mm × H800mm, 100kg
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