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Testing Equipment

    1. Plug, Socket, Switch, Coupler Test Equipment
      This series covers all of complete test equipment and system for sizes, electric shocking, temperature rising, structure, normal operating, mechanical strength, cable connection and etc..
    1. Household Appliance Safety Test Equipment
      This series covers current leakage, heating, overload, durability, abnormal operation, stability and mechanical hazards for a number of different household appliances and their components.
    1. Environmental Test Equipment
      This series of testing equipment is used for evaluating the effects of environment on devices, including high and low temperature, humidity, dust, water, etc., to ensure the safety performance of the device on the environment.
    1. Resistance Test Equipment
      This series covers testing equipment for various flame retardant components. The line covers tracking resistance testing with equipment such as glow wire testers, vertical horizontal flammability testers, car inner ornament vertical flammability testing equipment, hot wire ignition testers.
    1. Mechanical Impact Test Equipment
      This series covers shock, impact, beat, pull and pressure test equipment, such as spring impact hammers, pendulum impact testing apparatus, vertical impact test devices, single arm drop test machine, charpy impact test machine, izod impact testing machine, vitreous and porcelain enamels pistol tester, hammer test apparatus, force gauges, torque tools and etc.
    1. Wire and Cable Test Equipment
      The universal conductor electrical resistance test fixture was developed for DC resistance measurement of a variety of power cables and electrical equipment, wire and cable equipment specified in "Test methods for electrical properties of electric cables and wires", as well as for DC resistance measurement of other conductor materials.
    1. Luminaire Test Equipment
      These lamp cap and lamp holder test gauges are developed for the control of interchangeability and safety of lamp caps and holders. Some of these include B15 Lamp Caps, B22 Lamp Holders, B22d Lamp Caps, GZ10 Lamp Caps, GZ10 Lamp Holders, GU10 Lamp Holders and Lamp Caps, E26 Lamp Caps, E26 Lamp Caps Gauge.

For those electrical appliances and electrical supplies, quality and safety should be ensured before put on sale in the markets. Here HongCe provides a wide range of testing equipment with test range of plug test, socket test, switch test, coupler test, mechanical impact test, flame resistance test, waterproof and dustproof environmental test, home appliance test, wire and cable test, electric power tools test, telecommunication equipment test, audio and video equipment test, etc. These test chamber and equipment can be used by accredited organizations, laboratories, entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau and manufacturing enterprises.