Coupler Heating Device

Confirm to the IEC60320-1, clause 18.2 figure13 standard requirement.

Our couple heating device is used for testing the heat resistance of couplers in high and extremely high temperature conditions. This device utilizes precise temperature control, accurate display and high durability.

Test sample:
Coupler in high temperature conditions.

1. Power supply: 120V/50Hz.
2. The appliance inlet:
-120℃±2℃ for connectors for hot conditions;
-155℃±2℃ for connectors for very hot conditions;
For 10 A connectors, the appliance inlet is flush-mounted and has a shroud of insulating material.
For 16 A connectors, the appliance inlet is surface-mounted and has a shroud of metal material.
3. Test temperature: 0-160° can be preset;
4. Test time: 0-99 hours 59 minutes can be preset;
5. Coupler center distance: Uniform arrangement circle Φ175.

standard only suitable for testing connectors in high temperature conditions specified in IEC60320-1 standard requirements.

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