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Power Cord Tensile and Twist Test Machine

Clause 25.15 of IEC 60335-1 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 1: General requirements and etc.

The power cord tensile and twist test machine features a Z shaped structure. It is used to measure the cord anchorage of appliances with a supply cord. Appliances intended to be permanently connected to fixed wiring by a flexible cord, shall relieve conductors from strain, including twisting, at the terminals and protect the insulation of the conductors from abrasion.

Test sample:
Medical equipment, household appliances, lamps, plugs and sockets, etc.


Parameters / Model J0609
Input Power AC220V 50HZ
Pull Force Weight 20N*2,30N*2 (the pulling force of 30N,60N,80N,100N can be achieved);
Torque Weight 5N*1, 12.5N*1, 17.5N*1 and a torque arm (0.1Nm,0.25Nm,0.35Nm can be acheived);
Pull Test Cycles 0~999999, can be preset, default 25
Pull Speed 1 cycles/s
Torque Time 0.01S~99 hour 59 min 59 s
Fixture Tension fixture and torque fixture are combined, which coordinated in the middle through the bearing, reduce friction during the torque test.
Structure The device adopts a motor cam mandrel mechanism, Z-shaped connection, so that the fixture can hold the power cord which is attached to the appliance and 150mm above from the ground.

Table - Pull force and torque.

Mass of appliance (kg) Pull force (N) Torque (Nm) Combination of Pull Force Weight and Torque Weight
≤1 30 0.1 30N+5N
> 1 and ≤4 60 0.25 2*30N+12.5N
> 4 100 0.35 2*30N +2*20N+17.5N
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