Hemisphere Rubber Impact Tester

IEC 60335-2-4 household and similar electrical appliances – safety: part 2-4: particular requirements for spin extractors, clause 21.101; IEC 60335-2-7 part 2-7: particular requirements for washing machines, clause 21.101.

The hemisphere rubber impact tester is used to measure the impact strength properties of the cover of electrical appliances loaded from the top.

Test sample:
Spin extractors, washing machines

1. Impact hammer: 70mm rubber hemisphere, hardness between 40IRHD and 50IRHD; handle made of stainless steel, mass of 20kg.
2. Impact height: 100mm, adjustable
3. Locking method: self lock when upward the hammer
4. Release method: manual release
5. Sample size: W*D=(200~800)*480mm

The device features a self-locking mechanism for its impact hammer and is released through a handle; Stainless steel frame, 200mm-800mm width adjustable

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