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Cable Vertical Flame Test Apparatus

IEC 60950-1,BS EN 60950-1、BS 7002, UL746A,IEC60947.1, IEC730.1.

The cable vertical flame test apparatus is designed for vertical burning testing of single cable or optical cable products. It precisely determines the combustion characteristics of insulating materials.

Test sample:
Single cable or optical cable products.


Working voltage 220V/50Hz
Control operation mode Electrical control, button operation
Blast burner standard IEC60695-11-2 Annex A,Burner opening:Φ7±0.05mm,made of brass
Gas flow and gas category Mixture gas: 650±30mL/min propane;10±0.5L/min air,Dual flow meter adjustment
Burning time 9999X0.1S
Burning angle Tilt 45°±2°,Adjustable
Test flame calibration Temperature measuring copper head: 500W: Ф9mm±0.01mm,weight before drilling:10 ± 0 .05g
Thermocouple:The American original Omega φ0.5 armour nickel-chromium/nickel aluminum wire K-Thermocouple,temperature resistance 1100°
Distance between the bunsen burner port to temperature measuring copper block:95 mm
Flame height: Inner flame:55±5mm,Outer flame:180±10mm
Temperature rise time from 100±5°C to 700°±3°C 45±5s
Combustion chamber WDH=300×450×1200±25㎜
Gas >95% propane or coal gas
Test sample Length: 600±25㎜,distance from the bottom:50mm
Fixed horizontal support of the sample 2, distance:550mm
Dimension WDH=700×450×1350㎜, weight about 120kg

Utilizing an integral intake automatic ignition system, combustion time delay is only 0.1s to ensure the full combustion of the gas.

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