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Production Line Testing System

    1. Helium Leak Detector
      Helium leak test system are widely used in production line detection for automotive, refrigeration, aeronautics, astronautics components and high-voltage GIS and cast aluminum switches. Our technology can achieve leak detection accuracy 5x10-11 Pa.m³/sec, for a 0.5L workpiece, the detection cost can low to 0.0028 usd/pc.
    1. Automated Production Equipment
      Belongs to industrial automation equipment, our automated production equipment will greatly increase the productivity, reduce labor cost and operation time. Includes automatic brazing equipment, automatic assembly line, lean production lines.

A helium leak detector is a kind of industrial instrument to detect and locate the small leakage of equipment by using helium mass spectrometer and helium leak sniffer. In vacuum chamber test field, helium leak test is common used in equipment production and assembly lines, such as for testing switchgear cabinet and automotive parts. HongCe as an experienced equipment and production line testing equipment manufacturer, mainly provides automated test for air conditioners, air compressors, valves, pipelines, fuel pumps, fuel tanks, high voltage GIS switch cabinet, cast aluminum electrical box, airplane components and military seals, our company also provide automated assembly lines together with helium leak testing system.