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About HongCe

Guangzhou HongCe Equipment Co. was established in 2003 in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. Originally named HongTong Electromechanical Co., the company is a designer and manufacturer of testing equipment. Our product catalog is divided into three categories, laboratory test equipment, production line testing systems, and ancillary machinery. Our testing products are used by manufacturers around the world to test electronics and electrical products such as household appliances, automotive components, and many more.

We understand that quality is everything when it comes to manufacturing and therefore, we develop tools to test and ensure the quality of your products. If our customers are satisfied then their customers are satisfied and that is what we strive for.

Guangzhou HongCe Equipment Co., Ltd, since 2003, has been engaged in developing and providing various of test equipment. United with HJ Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd in 2015 and formed H&H group. Today Guangzhou HongCe Equipment Co., Ltd is fast growing, in additional to numerous utility model and invention patents we've increasing earned, our company is one of the "Little Giant of Technology" and high-tech enterprises, we aim to be our clients' most trustable supplier of production line test system and laboratory test equipment.

HongCe products are mainly divided into two catalogues: production line testing system and automation machines, laboratory test equipment.

Production line testing system and automation machines are provided according to client's specific requirements, belongs to non-standard customized equipment, including helium leak test solution, gas recovery system, automatic brazing machines and etc. These equipment are widely applicate in automotive, refrigeration, high-voltage switches, aeronautics, astronautics industries.

Laboratory equipment are designed as per the requirements of IEC, EN, UL, VDE, BS, AS, ISO standards and etc., which are in line with international general standards and can be customized according to the specific requirements of different countries. These equipment are widely adopted by manufactures' quality inspection departments, laboratories, export & import inspection quarantine bureau and etc.

HongCe insists on a customer-oriented business model and we work hard to produce inspection equipment and offer solutions that is incredibly precise and reliable. We are a one stop shop for all of your professional quality assurance equipment and to this point we have won trust and praise from clients all over the world.

  • Utility Model Certificate
    A gas concentration detecting device
  • Utility Model Certificate
    A gas leak detection system who provides stable baseline background index
  • Testing Certificate
    Testing certificate issued by ISO 17025 authorized laboratory
  • Test Report
    Test report issued by ISO 17025 authorized laboratory
  • Calibration Certificate
    Calibration certificate issued by ISO 17025 authorized laboratory