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Developing History

May 2003
Our original company HongTong Electromechanical Co., Ltd was established and started manufacturing laboratory testing equipment.

February 2012
Due to development, HongTong Electromechanical Co., Ltd moved to Foshan Pingzhou Sanshan Haina Industrial Park, built up 1,000m² factory, equipped with professional production assembly lines, storage areas and design and technical team, greatly improved the production capacity and product quality.

January 14, 2015
HongTong Electromechanical Co., Ltd increased investment, and officially changed its name to be Guangzhou HongCe Equipment Co., Ltd.

October 2015
Guangzhou HongCe Equipment Co., Ltd and HJ Automatic Control Technology Co.,Ltd(established in 2012)have achieved powerful alliances and formed H&H. Moved factory address to Guangzhou Panyu district where nearby Huijiang metro station, and expanded plant to 1500m².

December 2015
Developed and manufactured the leading high precious helium leak detection system, the leak detection accuracy 5×10E-11 Pa.m³/ sec, can be used in leaking detection for aerospace components. We have applied for two utility model patents and one invention patents.

February 2016
Developed and manufactured a convertible & removable manifold,applied in fluid control equipment, can greatly improve line flexibility inside of the fluid control equipment. The manifold is patent-pending.

May 2016
Developed and manufactured the automatic flame brazing machine, used in the heat exchangers production lines, enabling the welding nozzle vertically insert into the middle of the brass vertical, and then welding the smaller U connecting port, to achieve well weld the cooper tubes with the small U connecting port, the whole process is automatic, saving manpower, resources and enhance the production tact. The product is patent-pending.

August 2016
Our helium leak detection system successfully applied in the industry 4.0 automatic production lines in one famous house appliance manufacturer.