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Luminaire Test Equipment

The luminaire test equipment produced by HongCe covers all sorts of equipment and systems for testing luminaire sizes, mechanical properties, electrical properties, UV radiation, electric shock, insulation resistance and electrical strength, etc. The test samples include emergency lighting, portable luminaries for garden use, road luminaries, tungsten luminaries, string lights, pool lighting, portable lighting, stage lights, television / film / camera places luminaries, hospitals and clinics luminaries, aquarium lamps and ground recessed luminaries and etc. The main test equipment includes windshield test chambers, test corners, test chains, luminaire leakage current testers lights rope bending testers, and more.

Comply with Standards:
GB 1444
Edison screw lamp holders specially used for explosion – proof luminaires
Lamp caps and holders together with gauges for the control of interchangeability and safety Part 3: Gauges – Amendment 35
GB/T 1483.1
Gauges for lamp caps and holders – Part 1: Gauges for screw caps and holders
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Luminaires -- Part 1: General requirements and tests
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Luminaires -- Part 2-13: Particular requirements -- Ground recessed luminaires ~ Luminaires --Part 2-22: Particular requirements --Luminaires for emergency lighting
IEC 60238 / GB 17935
Edison screw lampholders
IEC 61184 / GB 17936
Bayonet lampholders
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Double-capped fluorescent lamps -- Safety specifications
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Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and the energy efficiency grades of self-ballasted fluorescent lamps for general lighting service
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Lamp controlgear – Part 1: General and safety requirements

Comply with Standards:
IEC 60745-1 / GB 3883.1
Hand-held motor –operated electric tools – Safety – Part 1: General requirements