Vertical Impact Test Apparatus

IEC 60068-2-75 Test Ehc: vertical hammer, UL498 clause SD7.2

This device is designed to test the mechanical strength of various electric appliance components, as well as for testing drop impact resistance.

Test Sample
Electric appliance, plug and socket, luminaries for household and similar purposes

Complies with IEC60068-2-75 standards. Cantilever type rack releases the impact element by electromagnet, impact height determined by guide tube.

Parameters (mm)

Model SH-9 SH-9A SH-9B
Release mode Electromagnet release Electromagnet release Electromagnet release
drop floor Nylon base 600mm*600mm; thickness 8mm; hardness HRR85-100. Nylon base 1000mm*1000mm; thickness 8mm; hardness HRR85-100. Hard wood board 114x114x42 mm
drop height 300mm 0-1000mm adjustable 457 mm
Impact hammer 5J 2J, 5J, 10J, 20J, 50J Φ50.8mm Cylinder head, weight 4.5kg
Standards IEC 60075-2-75 IEC 60075-2-75 UL498
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