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Horizontal Vertical Flame Test Apparatus

UL94, IEC60695-11-2, IEC60695-11-3, IEC60695-11-4, IEC60695-11-10, IEC60695-11-20.

The horizontal-vertical flame test apparatus simulates the influence of early-stage flames when there is a fire around the electric and electronic products, to judge ignition point. It is mainly used in plastic and other non-metallic material samples. It is also applicable in the horizontal/vertical flammability test of the relative combustion characteristic of foam plastics whose density is no-less than 250kg/m according to ISO845 test method.

This series of products adopt integral type inlet ignition system. Multi-functional flame measure gauge, stainless steel of box full, large observation window, imported digital indicator of high precision, nice appearance.

Parameters (mm)

Model HVF-1 HVF-2 HVF-3 (Touch screen)
Working voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power/grade 50W or 500W 50W and 500W double power switching 50W and 500W double power switching
Control operation mode Electrical control, button operation Electrical control, button operation PLC control, 7 inch color touch screen operation, with infrared remote control
Blast burner standard IEC60695-11-3/IEC60695-11-4/10, UL94, inner diameter:Φ9.5±0.3mm, length:100mm, made of brass
Gas pressure 0.1MPa
Gas flow 50W:105±5ml/min or 18±1mm; 500W:965±30ml/min or 117±3 mm, flow meter adjustment
U type pressure gauge back pressure water column height 50W:10mm; 500W:125±5 mm
Test angle 50W: 0°,45°; 500W: 20°
Burning time 0-9999X0.1S Can be preset
Burning times 0-9999 times, Can be preset
Residual flame/Residual glow 0-9999X0.1S Can be displayed
Test flame calibration Temperature measuring copper head: 50W: Ф5.5mm±0.01mm, weight before drilling 1.76 ± 0 .01 g; 500W:Ф9mm±0.01mm, weight before drilling 10 ± 0 .05g
Thermocouple: The American Original Omega φ0.5 armour nickel-chromium/nickel aluminum wire K-Thermocouple, temperature resistance 1100°
Distance between the bunsen burner port to temperature measuring copper block:50W: 10±1 mm; 500W: 55±1 mm
Flame height:50W: 20±2mm (there is no internal and external flame); 500W: Inner flame:40±2mm, Outer flame:125±10mm
Temperature rise time from100±2°to 700°±3°50W: 44±2S; 500W: 54±2S
Lighting Equipped with lighting in the test chamber, with control
Test chamber and dimension > 0.75 cube, black inwall, with exhaust fan, dimension:1100*550*1200mm, 140kg
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