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Car Interiors Flame Resistance Tester

ISO3795, ASTM D5132.

It is suitable for evaluating the horizontal flammability characteristics of the interior decoration material of cars (including limousines, multi-purpose passenger cars, trucks and coaches).

Test Sample
The interior decoration material of car (including limousines, multi-purpose passenger cars, trucks and coaches).

This tester is composed of a control box, combustion box body, combustion lamp, solenoid valve, high pressure igniter, thermometer, signal control line and upper and lower bracket of test specimen. The control box and combustion box are made of stainless steel.

Parameters (mm)

Model HVF-6 HVF-6A
Working voltage 220V/50Hz
Control operation mode Electrical control, button operation
Blast burner Nozzle jet inner diameter Ø9.5±0.3mm effective length 100mm±10mm
Gas flow and gas category Liquefied gas, natural gas and gas can also be used
Combustion chamber Made of stainless steel, with heat resistant glass observation window, around and at the bottom with the ventilation hole , L×W×H=385mm×204mm×360mm
Combustion / self extinguishing time 0-9999X0.1S
Distance between top of the blast burner to the test sample 19±1mm
Flame height 38mm , Solenoid valve adjustment 38mm , flow meter adjustment
Metal comb The length is at least 110mm, have 7~8 smooth crenations of every 25mm
Test chamber temperature 0-150°C, Thermometer display
Equipment structure and dimensions Control cabinet and combustion chamber With ventilation cabinet by electric control and the combustion chamber, black matt background, built-in lighting, with the exhaust fan, dimension:1150*600*1200mm, 180kg
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