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Vacuum Helium Leak Detector (Refrigerator Parts Test System)

To ensure that your refrigeration system is leak free, the auto vacuum helium leak test system is vital to inspect the system for potential vulnerabilities.

Test Concept
Charge high pressure gas into the product for gross leak test and proof test
Evacuate the vacuum chamber.
Vent gas from the product.
Evacuate the product and charge helium into the product.
Test the helium signal from the vacuum chamber by the leak detector for fine leak judge
Recover helium from the product.
Vent vacuum chamber.

Technical Parameters
Cycle time:30sec./pcs.
Leak rate:1×10-5mbar.l/s (relevent 2g/a R134a)
Test pressure:8-42bar

Main parts of system
Vacuum pump: Leybold
Vacuum sensor: Inficon
Helium leak detector: Inficon
Pressure sensor: GE
Solenoid valve: Burkert
PLC: Omron
HMI: Omron


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