Drop Test Device

IEC 60950-1 Clause 4.2.6, IEC 60598-1 Clause 4.13.4b), IEC 60065 Clause 12.1.14, IS 616-2010

The drop test device is designed to verify the drop resistance performance of audio, video and similar electronics equipment having a mass of 7kg or less.

Test sample:
Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus, Information technology equipment, etc.


Model SH-14 SH-14A
Release mode Pneumatic Pneumatic
Drop floor hardwood at least 13 mm thick, mounted on two layers of plywood each 19 mm to 20 mm thick, 1000*1000mm*(51~60)mm Concrete base, 1000*1000mm
Drop height 750mm or 1000mm 1000mm
Test sample information technology equipment having a mass of 5 kg or less, and portable lamps audio, video and similar electronic apparatus having a mass of 7kg or less
Standard IEC 60950-1, IEC 60598-1 IEC 60065
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