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IPX8 Water Tightness Pressure Tester

IEC60529 degree of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) of the IPX8, IEC60884-1, IEC60335-1, IEC60598-1.

The water tightness pressure tester is designed for the assessment of enclosures and sealing elements and whether they can ensure good performance of equipment and components.

Test Sample
Products with IPX8 degree waterproof test.

1. Entire tank adopts SUS304# stainless steel because it will not corrode and will retain its water tightness for a long time.
2. The pot cover is rotated and lifted by the screw thread, it can rotate and move away from the hole after lifting. (When pressure is greater than 50m depth test, you must use special flange lock to lock the cover)
3. The whole tank surface blasting treatment, smooth and beautiful.


Pressure vessel Stainless steel tank, diameter 0.8 meter, height 1 meter
Pressure adjustment range 0 ~ 5bar (can be customized)
Pressure system Stainless steel pump + frequency converter
Pressure gauge accuracy 0.25 degree, range: 6bar
Testing time 0-99min
Maximum limit pressure 6 bar
Pressure protection Pressure switch protection
Connect to the water supply equipment by 3/4 high pressure steel wire hose connection
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