Power Supply Load Bank

IEC 60884-1 2013 clause 20 and 21, IEC 60950-1, IEC 60598-1, IEC61058-1, IEC60669-1 and so on

This device is used for household and similar purpose fixed electrical appliance switch, plug and socket, couplers for on-off ability, breaking capacity and normal operation life testing.

Test Sample
Household or similar purpose switches, plugs, sockets

The top of this apparatus is the operation control panel on which there are switches for controlling power supply, for the electric capacity conversion and for the load type conversion. There are also displaying meters of connecting current and voltage as well as power. Below are the knobs for output voltage adjustment for current adjustment and for inductance adjustment. There are three stations, each station has the function of resistive, inductive and capacitive load testing.

1. Power supply: 3phase 4 wires AC 380V 50Hz
2. Stations: 1 station/2 stations/ 3 stations (can be customized)
3. Digital voltage meter: 0~300V, accuracy: ±0.5%
4. Digital ampere meter: 0~30A, accuracy: ±0.5%
5. Digital power meter: 0~10KW, accuracy: ±0.5%
6. Digital power factor meter: 0.3~0.98, accuracy: ±0.5%
7. Load method: Resistive, inductive and capacitive load. Three in one, Convertible
8. Capacity load: 70uf,140uf,7.3uf can be chosen
9. Load output: Each power and interval power can be chosen
10. Counter: 0~999999, preset
11. Load capacity: 3*10KVA
12. Max. of the output current: 30A,when it exceeds 32A, it stopped automatically
13. Max. of the output voltage: 300V, when it exceeds 305V, it stopped automatically
14. Working environment: 80~106kpa, 5~40℃, (20~90)%RH
15. Using place: No violent shaking, without electromagnetic interference and dust, no explosive or corrosive gas.
16. Dimension: L*W*H=1200*760*1830mm, 600kg

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