Screwless Terminals Thermal Stress Tester

IEC 60669.1, IEC 60884-1 2013 clause 12.3.11

The screwless terminal thermal stress tester is specially designed to test whether or not electrical terminals can withstand the thermal stresses occurring during normal use.

Test sample:
Screwless Terminals

1. Test cycles: 192 cycles, current flow for 30min, no current flow for 30min;
2. Power supply: AC220V 5A 50HZ;
3. Test current: AC 1~99.9A±(3%±1A);
4. Voltage drop measurement: 0~199.9±(3%±1mv)

Loading the screwless terminals for 1 h with an alternating current as specified in table 10 and connecting the rigid solid conductors 1 m long with a nominal cross-sectional area as specified in the same table. Then measure the voltage drop.

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