Plug Insert Torque Balance Tester

IEC 60884-1 2013 clause 14.23.2, IEC 60335-1 clause 22.3, IEC60065 clause 15.4.1 and figure 11

The plug insert torque balance tester is designed and employed to test the strain force during plug insertion for electrical outlets. A device provided with pins is intended to be introduced into the fixed socket-outlets in order to determine that there is no undue strain on these outlets.

Test sample:
Fixed socket-outlet, plug-in equipment

1. Distance from the contact surface and the axis of the surface: 8mm
2. Balancing arm: 0-250mm;
3. Weight: 2.5N, can achieve 0.25Nm to 0.4Nm torque force;
4. Configure: all-purpose plug(suit for GB and BS plug), UL plug, European plug, one each

According to the standards, the torque force of the plug is measured when introduced into the socket.

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