Ball Pressure Test Apparatus

IEC 60884-1 2013 clause 25.2, 25.3 and figure 37

The ball pressure test apparatus is a device developed by HongCe for heat resistance tests to verify the heat resistance performance of insulating material covers and outlet components of electric appliances.

Test sample:
Insulating material covers and exterior electric appliance components.

1. Radius of steel ball: SR2.5mm
2. Press force: 20N
3. Support base: Diameter 50mm, length 100mm, with a thermometer hole, made of stainless steel

Testing is performed in a heating cabinet at a temperature of (125 ± 2) °C. After 1 h the ball is removed from the specimen, which is then immersed within 10 s, in cold water for cooling down to approximately room temperature. The diameter of the impression caused by the ball is measured and should not exceed 2 mm.

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